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My Story

I’m Georgie and I’m a pretty rad hype woman for my clients if I do say so myself. I shoot portraits, intimate weddings, elopements, couples, families, and content for brands here on Nantucket Island.

I grew up on Nantucket. As an angsty teen, I thought I’d never return. (LOL) I did return in 2016, thinking I’d be here for a few months, but fate had other plans. I met my now-husband while I was working at Handlebar Cafe and well, the rest is history. Now I use my deep knowledge of Nantucket to help find the coolest locations for my clients.

When I’m not shooting and editing photos, you can find me rollerblading down milestone road, filming fashion Tik Toks, chasing sunsets, or drinking espresso at Roastd General Store.



“You’re lucky because you can stop searching for the perfect photographer, Georgie is AMAZING!!!! She did our engagement shoot on Nantucket and when I say Every. Single. Photo. Looks like it could be a magazine cover, I mean it. She made us feel so comfortable and turned the photos into our dream come true. So glad Georgie captured our engagement and I honestly may re-do our whole wedding to have her shoot that too.”

My Background

Growing up, I knew two things about my future: I would work for myself & I would be doing something creative. With all three of my parents (mom, dad & stepdad) graduating with fine arts degrees, you could say that creativity runs in the family. 

It’s funny how when you look back at your childhood you suddenly see so many clues that point to your present. One of those clues for my photography career was my mom being an avid documentarian of our childhoods (she even worked at the old camera shop mid-island). Taking photos was a huge part of our lives as kids and I’m so grateful to have boxes and boxes of photos from the big and small moments. Being able to help my clients document their memories brings me immense joy.

I studied marketing & communications in college and spent 10 years working in social media. In 2014, I started to teach myself photography so I could take better pictures for my food blog at the time. In 2017, I started photographing people, and later that year I shot my first wedding. Since then, I’ve fallen madly in love with photographing people. Documenting the big and small moments in people’s lives is my true calling.

Having personally struggled for years with an eating disorder and my own body image, I take extra care to help my clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.